Friday, May 13, 2011

Lighthouse Roundup

This is the first lighthouse we saw on our trip to the coast. For some reason Avalon was particularly fond of this lighthouse and wanted to go to more. We promised her that we would see more and she would actually get to go into them.

So, we headed to Yaquina Bay Lighthouse near Newport.

But this lighthouse were ran by some lighthouse 'nazis' and would not allow children under 42 inches to climb to the top(Never mind the fact that Avalon climbed the Astoria column which was 164 steps as opposed to the 90 of this lighthouse)

The ladies there also would let more than 5 people up at a time and then rushed us right out. I'm not sure why seeing as the last light house we saw let everybody up to look as long as you want.

Leaving the lighthouse at Yaquina, Avalon says, "That isn't fair." I didn't even know she knew the concept of fair. And typically I don't like the concept of fair but in this case, it really wasn't. So we promised her that the last lighthouse we would go to would let her in. Secretly Jeff and I were hoping they would be open and have no restrictions.

And as you can see, she made it to the top.

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