Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lollipop, lollipop oh lolli lolli lollipop.

It has taken me forever to actually get these lollipops posted. In fact, I made them last week for Avalon's preschool class. But between the debate on how boring(or awesome depending on who you are) Brian Williams is, the mounds of laundry I've been doing since we got back from Oregon, and the copious amounts of entertaining I've done with a certain three year old who can't play outside due to the incredible amounts of precipitation, I haven't got it done.

And for your information, Williams is a snore(sorry Sara), laundry is still not done and it's supposed to rain through the weekend into next week and maybe even next weekend. But I got these lollipops made and they were a hit! One of the mom's at preschool approached me and said that her son said, "Avalon's mom can teach you how to make lollipops." And since the party was for summer birthdays, I made a blue batch flavored strawberry and a red batch flavored cherry and tied them up with patriotic ribbon in honor of Avalon's July birthday. They turned out so good in fact, that Jeff asked me if I'd made enough for him. I didn't so ended up making another batch just for him.


Grease cookie sheets lightly with oil. Lay down lollipop sticks if using.(You can just pour out the finished and score it and break it into pieces)

Heat 2 cups of sugar, 2/3 cup of corn syrup and 3/4 cup of water stirring till dissolved. Once dissolved don't stir any longer. Heat to 260 degrees, add food coloring if colored pops are desired. Do not stir, boiling action will stir color. At 300 degrees, add 1 dram(1tsp) of flavoring. I use LorAnn found at most craft stores in the baking section. Then quickly poor hot sugar on to greased pans. If not making lollipops let cool for a few seconds and then score with a knife to easily break later.

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