Saturday, June 18, 2011


* Made real strawberry popsicles the other day. Not enough sugar or food processing. Kinda sour, not that great. Remade them today with more sugar, a bit of strawberry yogurt and lots of blending and they were SO good. Next time I eat one, I'll take a pic and blog. Not much of a recipe though. I mixed them up unti they tasted good.

*It's a summer christmas around here. At least it seems like it. Between Father's Day, two nephew's birthdays, Avalon and Jeff's birthday, the 4th of July and our anniversary, it gets a little spendy around here. But I love buying gifts for people.

* Bought software in order to make a will and all that other important things that should be done. Here's to being an adult!

* Down a total of 48 lbs this week. Since this last 4 came off rather quickly, I'd say the next few will probably not come as quickly.

*Got my hair done this week. And it looks awesome! And I don't mind saying.

*I'm on Season 8 of 24. I'm not enjoying this season at all but kind of feel like I should finish since I have so much time invested in it. But then I'll need another new series to start. I like to stream Netflix at the Y while I exercise. So if you have any good suggestions that you'd reccommend, I appreciate it.

*So far my summer exercise schedule has allowed me the time to workout. That alone leaves me a lot less stressed. Not that I'm feeling too stressed lately. Things have been going swimmingly.

*This summer seems to be flying by. I kind of wanted to take advantage of summer and no set schedules but so far it seems we've kept busy and it's almost July. This weather does make things seem off. I'm not complaining. I kinda like the cooler weather.

*Trying to schedule a trip to Yellowstone. Penciled in the 20th of August or so. Trying to pencil in a family trip to Seeley Lake and maybe another for just Avalon and I.

* Jeff's thinking about going to Sturgis. We've been debating a Vegas trip but don't think that'll be possible. Jeff's running out of vacation since we took a trip to Oregon.

*Since our little issue with Avalon's behavior that I detailed in an earlier blog, things have been going great with her. She always says to me when I get after her, "I sorry. Let's be a team." Warms my heart. And after witnessing the neighbor kid, Avalon is a saint!

* My dog has been eating entirely too much birdseed from beneath the bird feeders. It finally caught up with him today and has been sick multiple times. I go from pity to fury. I feel sorry for him because I know he feels horrible. But with every mess that has to be cleaned up, I get a little bit more mad that the idiot is such a glutton.

* Today at Albertson's I used a check out lady that I'm pretty familiar with as I'm there about once a week of more. She mentioned today about how big Avalon is getting. And when I mentioned that she would be four in a couple weeks, she was shocked saying, "I remember you bringing her in as a baby." Aww, me too. I can't believe she is getting so big. I do love that so many of the places she and I go are familiar with us and know our names. In fact, she calls the people at Target Pharmacy, "My friends."

* The other day someone helped us at the Target pharamcy that we didn't recognize. Since it was a man, she was unsure of whether or not to take a sucker from him. So I said, "Either you make a new friend and get a sucker or don't and not a have a sucker." She decided to make nice. Then the next time we went it, this particular guy wasn't there and she asked the other pharmacist and the tech we know, "Where's my new friend?" Too stinkin' cute!

*Alright enough gushing. I just hope that you are enjoying life as much as I am!

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