Saturday, June 18, 2011

So about that bread...

So on one of my last posts, I mentioned the best bread ever. really. ever. I've been thinking about this bread since I threw the last 3 slices away because I couldn't not stop eating it. (And at this point, i don't dig in the garbage so it was the safest place for me to put it)

Then I promised a loaf to Jeff's cousin Jacquie.(People sometimes don't think I'm serious when they ask for food. But you ask, I will bake and even send. Just ask everybody who got a edible christmas card this year.) Jeff took a loaf to work and it was gone in 45 minutes(record time). Jeff even loved this bread and we all know he's not crazy about sweets or baked goods. It's just that good.

But last week when I made this bread, I used up all my sugar, flour and oil making this. (I know can you beleive I ran out?) But I'm ready now to bake this bread again. And it's a good thing too. Why, you ask? Because when I went to download the pictures I took in order to right a post and share the recipe. They weren't there. I had a few issues with my camera this week trying to get it to charge and am guessing that whatever troubles I was having also included saving my pics.

So i have no picturs of this incredible bread. Now I'm not opposed to posting without pics but this bread is AWESOME and since I'm making it again. I might as well wait.

Just imagine, almond poppyseed bread/poundcake and then drench it with orange syrup(sugar and OJ boiled till thick and sweet.) So good, I need to find another owner of the second loaf since it makes two. Takers? Anyone?

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