Friday, June 3, 2011

Wondering why we haven't invented a self-cleaning house. Take two days of rain and a dog tracking in messy paws combined with two days of wind, open windows(because my house gets so hot) and my house is a mess. I've got about 5 loads of laundry in some stage of being laundered.

Avalon has the "suds" as she is calling her cold and I hope she's not giving it to me. I don't feel sick but i do have a scratchy throat but for all I know that could just be a result of the wind and all the cotton flying around.

But really life is pretty good. Down 43 pounds last I checked but I need to go weigh today so that may have changed. I haven't got to exercise at all this week as Avalon's not in preschool and hasn't started her summer activities at the Y and as she is sick, I don't really like to leave her anyway. It does make me feel a little paranoid but I'm trying to keep my calories/diet en pointe to make up for it. The worst side effect of no exercise, I cannot sleep. It's like I haven't expended enough energy so I haven't been going to bed until after midnight(1:20 last night) and then I toss and turn, wake up at 4, lay there for a while before I get back to sleep.

The weather is finally turning, just in time, most of the pots that I planted are about dead. Too much water is turning the leaves brown and we haven't had enought sun. The wind knocked over two pots so they are gone too. The pumpkins and zuchinni and parsley didn't sprout so I'm wondering if they were washed away with the deluge of rain.

Jeff was evacuated last week from work due to the rain and flooding. The day they had to leave only one road in to the mine had not been flooded and that was still a possibility. We've been relatively lucky though considering what Lodge Grass and Roundup have been going through not to mention some neighborhoods right here in Billings.

I am just so excited for summer. No real schedule, sun(finally) and just having fun. We've already fallen victim to the light evenings. We'll look and realize its way past Avalon's bedtime and we are still outside.

In a month and a week Avalon will be turning four. That just dawned on me yesterday and I can't believe four years have passed. I can't beleive how big she is. Sometimes, I underestimate her abilities and she totally shocks me with what she is capable of doing and knowing. We are just having so much fun with her and this age.

Well this house isn't cleaning itself so I better get back to it.

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