Wednesday, August 10, 2011

After tomorrow, I'm going to sleep 12 hours straight

Tired is the understatement of the year. Exhausted is more like it. Don't confuse this with sleepy. I don't feel entirely sleepy. Perhaps sleep is a bit easier but my body is tired. My feet and ankles ache. I have bruises everywhere and I can only bend a certain way for fear of hitting the catch I have in my back/tailbone.

But my house is sterile clean, rid of clutter and being listed by Friday morning at the lastest. We reoffered on the house we made an offer on and then failed to negotiate successfully a couple weeks ago. They agreed to our terms and hopefully we can sell ours in the next couple of months and be in a new home.

Our new place is in a great neighborhood with great schools(especially compared to the schools in our neighborhood) It is considerable bigger on a large lot. The kitchen is newer, a garage big enough for Jeff, a deck like we have now, a long driveway. It is 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2800 sqft.

The entire main floor needs new flooring in my opinion. Its not dirty but dated. Our plan is to purchase flooring before even moving in. I will have to change all the light fixtures(just like I did in our house now, their gold) and paint and remove mirrors(what is it with old people and mirrors). Three rooms have wall paper and will need removed. I wouldn't say this house is a fixer because it is quite livable the way it is in. But at the price we got it, we can make all these changes and get our money back out if we had to. But this house, is hopefully a forever house. So we can take the time and fix the things we want to change and make it ours. It has awesome potential and a awesome neighborhood. And hey its mostly labor and cosmetic, no big deal to me. Yay!

So lets think good thoughts that things go according to plan, that we can sell our house in a timely manner, and no one else tries to offer on this house.

In the meantime, after tomorrow when pics are takn of the house for listing, I am relaxing. I have been cleaning since last Thursday.

Night all!

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