Monday, August 15, 2011

Yeah about that sleep.

It never came. I thought as soon as I got the house cleaned and "ready" for listing, I could take a day off and sleep.

Last Thursday after our realtor came by and took pics of our place, she called about 430 that evening and said that her office was on the ball and instead of Friday morning, they would have the listing up that afternoon by six. Thursday night about 8, I got a call from a realtor wanting to show my house the next day at 11.

So I got up Friday, proceeded to "hide" the fans in the garage, dust one last time, run the vacuum upstairs again and mop the kitchen. Right as I was finishing, I got another call from a different realtor who wanted to show my house so we scheduled her for 1130. So I got Avalon, myself and Murph-dog out of the house [yeah Murph in the house during the showing wouldn't have been a selling point, who'd a thunk it ;) ].

Little did we know but about noon on Friday our realtor got a call that one of the showings was bringing an offer on our house, less than 12 hours after we had listed. She later told me, she didn't want to say anything till she had the offer in hand.

Our realtor did call me about 1PM while I was out shopping to let me know she was dropping off some fliers at the house for showings. Strangely, she asked, "What's Jeff up to today?" I told her he was just in his office that day and she didn't say anything else. I actually had told Jeff about it right after I talked to her because it struck me as so strange. At 2:45, she called back and presented the offer to us.

The gal intending to purchase our house, is a first time homebuyer with ties to the southside. She offered 2k less than asking, requested I leave all of my curtains and wanted no help with closing costs, as she is preapproved for help with it through Montana Board of Housing and City of Billings. I said, to our realtor, "Forgive me if this sounds ignorant, but I'm not seeing anything bad with this scenario." The purchase of our new home is/was contingent on the sale of our current home. Basically, there isn't anything too bad with her offer. Her offer is contingent on getting help from MBoH and CoB but she sent along with her offer where she had been preapproved through these programs as well as her bank and had already taken the classes necesary to get preapproved.

So now, it is a wait and see kind of game. Next week is the inspection of this place and our inspection of our new place. So, as long as their are not major issues with that or appraisals, sometime mid september, we move out of our house and into the new one. The waiting and anxiety of it all have me not sleeping even though I am exhausted from spending the last week, cleaning 24/7.

And as much as I have wanted to move(especially since Avalon going to Kindergarten is quickly approaching) i get kinda sad to think of leaving this house. Jefff and I basically started our post college lives in this house, got our first dog and had Miss Avalon here. It is the only house she's ever known! We are only about three blocks away from Jeff's folks in this house. And even though we won't probably see them any less, there will be no more walking across the park to visit.

But I am excited to move into a bigger house that hopefully we should never out grow.(In fact last night, I mentioned to Jeff that the main floor of the new house is 197 sq feet less than the total square footage of our current house) I have a newer bigger kitchen, with a full sized dishwasher!

Jeff maintains most of his garage space, we have an even larger lot on a quarter acre while also maintaining a long driveway(which we never new we would love so much but Avalon never has to play in the street!) It has 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, an official master, fireplace/gasinsert with mantle and formal dining area(christmas and thanksgiving anyone?)

And even though the house needs some work, it is mostly labor that Jeff and I can tackle. We are however, going to have all new flooring installed on the main floor except the kitchen where the flooring is new. Depending on how the sale of our current house goes, we may do it all including the bedrooms, but at the very least, the dining, living room and hallway and stairs. I think we are looking at engineered hardwood/laminate in those three areas, and carpet in the beds but that decision is a ways off.

And of course, we have to paint, remove mirrors and get new light fixtures. But I'm kinda looking forward to it all. If we had to, I know we could get our investment back out but more importantly, we intend staying here for a very long time, so I look forward to making this house mine/ours. ANd we have all the time in the world to do it. And even if we didn't tackle a single one of these projects, Avalon will still go to a better school.

But nevertheless, the whirlwind of all this has my anxiety levels at an all time high. Wondering about all the "what-ifs" gets me all sorts of worried so things need to happen sooner than later so I can stop worrying. Buying/selling a house is so stressful!

Well, I went to bed at 1230, got up at 445 becuase I had been tossing and turning the whole time, maybe I should try to go back and get some rest although I feel like I could be up for the day. Wish us luck, send good thoughts, say a prayer, rub a buddha belly, whatever floats your boat!

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