Friday, October 28, 2011


1. I am exhausted, I hope I make sense.

2. I finished emptying the storage unit we rented when we listed our house. It doesn't make sense to pay for that space when I have the space here. But man, that is a lot of work especially when you do it all by yourself.

3. Have I mentioned I love Fridays. Yes, I love it for all the same reasons everyone else does. But I also love it because People Magazine publish their 10 Celebrity Quotes of the Week. It makes me smile. (It is the small things).

4. Favorite quote this week via my sister-in-law Kate: You know you're getting old when you're friends start having kids on purpose. So true!

5. I am excited to weigh tomorrow. Pretty sure I'll be at least another pound down. And I will not let some people rain on my parade. It has taken me 2 years to lose 52 lbs. It has been a lot of hard work and persaverance. So yeah, I'm gonna brag.

6. Tried spinning out for the first time this week. Love it! Makes an hour go by so fast! And then I do abs afterwards with the same instructor. Maybe it's the instructor. hmm. It has been a good challenging workout. Probably also why I am tired.

7. Hit 270 minutes of exercise this week. Beats the minimum of 250 minutes I have set for myself but doesn't reach the goal of 300. I guess I could count the walk I took Murph on but it doesn't feel much like exercise when I have to go the speed of my fellow walker, Avalon.

8. Got carpet in Avalon's room and the toy room. The toys are all in one space. Amen.

9. Gonna be kinda sad when the World Series is over. I love baseball.

10. Bought more Halloween Candy than I ever have. Apparently the new neighborhood has a lot more trick or treaters. Bought Heath Bars because if we ended up having leftovers, Jeff loves Heath Bars. But apparently so do I. Their may be none left by Halloween.

11. Went to Bozeman last weekend. I love that town. So much to do, so many cool stores and shops.

12. My dog has been a complete turd lately. He is barking at everything. And into everything. The other day I caught him eating a crayon.

13. Loving that Christmas stuff is out already. I love Christmas!

14. We are trying to cram everything we can into this weekend so I better go get ready.

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