Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Funny Thing Avalon Said and Why I Didn't Share It on Facebook

So...Jeff and I haven't chosen, at this point, to raise Avalon with a specific faith or religion. While I think at some point, I would want her to have a more christian viewpoint, I haven't placed any emphasis on it. I was raised in a very religious family who used religion as a weapon. Being Catholic and going to church every week does not a good person make. Just look at my dad.

We have been pushed by some to get Avalon to church and to Sunday School. And since I haven't made my mind up about what I want her to know and how I want her to know it, I have chosen to not introduce it to her yet. For now, Jeff and I would prefer that she come into faith more organically or on her own. (And frankly I can be very jaded on some things and I don't want her to be jaded on things)

And while the following story is ultimatly funny, I didn't want to ignite a fire on Facebook about how I should or shouldn't be teaching Avalon about relgion, faith or spirituality. Really, it is up to Jeff and I to decide how to raise her on this aspect.

Anyway, to preface this story, whenever we go to Grandma Joelene and Grandpa Pat's house in Great Falls, we always eat dinner in the dining room(that has a chandelier) and they say grace. And we always observe grace as well. It is their house and when in Rome...

So since we moved into our new house, and have a dining room with a chandelier, Avalon always says, "This is just like Grandma Joelene's House."

Then last week, she folded her hands and said, "We should do this" holding her hands up to indicate she wanted to say grace. So, I said, "God is great, God is good, Thank you God for this food." (Funny, she never asks me what God is)

This went on for a week, when last night she said, "I want to say it this time."

"Alright, go right ahead."

She folds her hands, looks at us to fold her hands and says,

God is great,
Beer is good,
Thank you for this food.

Jeff nods, "Sounds about right to me. Let's eat."

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  1. 4 year olds just might be some of the funniest people ever, I think.