Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Who knew you could be so busy and not even have a paying job?

Pretty much the last 3 weeks have been a blur. It seems my life consists of taking Avalon to preschool, ballet, playdates and running errand after errand. Don't get me wrong, I'm not comnplaining and if I weren't busy I would be bored. But man am I tired.

Lowes and Bed Bath and Beyond ought to be happy as they have seen the majority of my funds of late. But it is so stinking fun to decorate and redo things. It just wasn't cost effective to do a lot in our old house because we would've never gotten our money back out. But now, it's full speed ahead. We have the spare room upstairs painted and some wall hangings up and carpet goes in that room as well as Avalon's on Tuesday. And then I can put the toy room together and get Avalon's toys out of every room in this house.

Seriously, we have toys everywhere. Things in the living room are going slower than I want. We have to put in a new railing before we do floors. Kinda waiting on that before I paint and then we'll do floors. This white carpet is driving me bonkers. You simply can't have kids and white carpet. They just don't go together!

But we have gotten so much done. Four new light fixtures, new thermostat, paint and decor and in two rooms, new island stools, tremendous tree trimming to the back yard, half the storage unit cleared out, carpet(tuesday), two new garage doors and openers ordered and to be installed when they get in. So we've accomplished quite a bit. I think after the living area, we'll take a bit of break before starting the master and the main bathroom.

So, that has taken up most of our time. So this weekend we are going to head to Bozeman and just shop and have fun and take a break. We are going to stop in Livingston on the way through and go to a quilt store.(I've got a gift certificate for it).

Since moving here, Avalon has slept like a champ. She hasn't got up once in the middle of the night. She tells Jeff or I nearly every day how much she loves this house. She loves the neighbor girl and our big yard and the wishing well the previous owner left in the back yard. (Any chance I had to get rid of it went right out the window when Grandpa left prizes in it and now she believes it to be a magical wishing well) I'm hoping a large snow takes it out this winter and I don't have to be the bad guy..

I can't believe its practically holiday season! I am so excited for my holiday baking. Nerdy but true, whenever chocolate chips, flour, sugar etc is on sale, I go load up. Pretty soon, I'll be making my list of things to make. And if you'd like a "Christmas Card" from me, you'd best leave me your address. And as some of you are aware, a Christmas Card from me, means you get a box of baked goods.

Alright, I'm tired, peace out!

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