Wednesday, February 29, 2012


*Chocolate covered cinnamon bears are incredible. That says a lot because i hate cinnamon flavored anything.

*Been taking it easy on counting calories. Doctor is making it sound like our eventual solution to me losing weight is to eat more(counterintuitive I know). But when I count calories, my first instinct is to restrict. Haven't been going overboard and still working out but trying to back off on it a little. So far nothing bad has happened.

*Cant say the same thing for Miss Avalon. She's had a rough go since getting two fillings last Tuesday. SHe ended up biting her tongue and cheek pretty bad. So then she didn't want to eat because it hurt.

* Then Sunday when she was complaining about her tongue I checked it out and the whole thing was covered with loads of white mucus/film. Looked like thrush to me but the doc took a sample and didn't come up as that.

*Monday night she started developing little spots all over her torso face and arms. Looked like the beginning of chicken pox even though she has been vaccinated.

*Tuesday morning, I was pretty sure it wasn't chickenpox. The little spots had turned into huge patches of welts across her chest waist and rib cage. It swoll up both her eyes, one worse than the other.

*So Tuesday afternoon, I took her back to the doc. Doc said, likely she has a virus that instead of a sore throat and sniffles is giving her hives. Likely will last a week. Unfortunately they are very itchy for her especially the ones on her face and chin.

*After some benadryl last night and this morning, I was hopeful that she wouldn't have them too much longer, but they came back with a vengence tonight. And benadryl seems to make her weepy and unable to sleep. Poor kid just needs a break.

*Doc kinda treated me like I overreacted. Kinda pisses me off when they do that. Besides its my money and I'm pretty sure when someone has unexplained swelling on their face, it's an issue.

*Pretty sure we've met the deductable for the year.

* Our new floors get installed on Monday (and probably Tuesday) The end is in sight!

* We are headed to Bozeman for the weekend just to get out of town and to pick up some kegs from my brother.

* Speaking of kegs, Jeff started brewing again. And instead of bottling, he is kegging which is a more exact way of carbonating the beer. And his first batch is pretty darn good. So I see more beer in our future since the fridge he got to store it all will hold five 5 gallon kegs.

*We have a trip planned to San Diego in May. We are staying beach front in La Jolla. I cannotwait to go on vacation.

*Also going to Yellowstone in June. We cancelled our Yellowstone trip last year because we were in the middle of buying/selling a house.

*Avalon had her kindergarten shots and is enrolled to start school at Poly Drive School this fall.

*If I had thought about it a bit better, I would have held her back a year because she will be a very young five and I could use another year home with her before she starts her educational career for the next 12+ years.

*But she's so excited to go to school that there is no bursting her bubble now.

*Murph has been a royal pain in the arse. Would you believe I have to watch him more than Avalon. Last week he ate, a pound of milled grain Jeff had bought for brewing his beer. All that was left was the knot in the bag.

*Then he at 3 of the 5 legs of Avalon's starfish. You'd think this stuff would make him sick but no.

*Doc tested my vitamin levels and my vitamin d was very low(as I'm sure it probably is for most people in the middle of winter. But for the next two weeks I have a prescription of two pills of 50,000units and then just regular over the counter vitamin of 2000 units.

*As usual I am concerned about my weight loss. But the fact that my hair is falling out has me even more worried. And it's not just in my head, Jeff has noticed as well as my hairdresser.

*Need a good book to read. Sometimes I feel so picky. Or maybe just thrifty. There is plenty I want to read but I can't spending hardback prices.

*Made a rum cake the other night after our doctor visit. Baking relaxes me. Funny thing though, Avalon has probably eaten half of that rum cake saying, "It is soooo good."

* Silly kid has been killing it with all the funny things she has been saying. The four year old stage is the best yet.

Peace out!

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