Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What to do What to do

I got an email from my biological father despite the address being blocked. The time stamp was at 3:50AM. I'm not sure if those things are accurate but if so, what in the world is he up to. And since I refuse to respond to his rhetoric, I've wondered what I could do to discourage his behavior knowing I can't control anything he does(like the drive bys he did while we were in Great Falls in January)

But I've blocked him and even that isn't working. So I figure I'll post what he wrote. And I won't have to say a word to show people who my dad is and what he does. He can do it himself. And people can make their judgments on who the crazy one is.

(As a side note, this is not a cry for pity. I absolutely hate pity. I'm a big girl with a great life. But you'd think after 11 years, he'd grow tired of the BS.)

So here goes:

As your life continues to progress you will come to the point where you will realize, that beyond all immature thoughts and imaginations, alongside all emotions and vanity, in spite of all knowledge, certainty and fear, you are absolutely going to die, that the path of your life is leading you to one, sure end from which there is no escape, nor can you turn back to return or re-do anything you will eventually recognize as your failure and perceive to be something you wish would have been different. At that point, imagined innocence won't matter, perceived justification will have no bearing, and all excuses will be seen for what they've been and are. I can continue to speak from experience of which you still know very little, I could quote from the Bible, my source of absolute truth beyond all knowledge and experience...which you've previously chosen not to hear; instead I'll write to you about justice and protection.
Even if God recognizes you justified and excused in your hatred of me (and don't imagine your attitude in my regard anything else; we are and will be judged, not by our own understandings and judgments of God's words but by God's definition and He defines hatred as "the desire to have nothing to do with, the will to avoid and abandon, to have no active regard for") will He justify and excuse you for your hatred of your mother, for your abandonment of Hilary, for the way you, a wise and learned person according to your own words, has treated and continues to treat your family? Or will He ultimately grant you justice: Will He allow the things you've done and do to others, happen to you? Will He ordain Avalon, someday, to abandon you and, possibly, Jeff, as you've abandoned your family? This will be justice. This will be you reaping what you have sown.
And someday, as Avalon inevitably disagrees with you, when she finds your judgments and opinions unjust, unfair and cruel as you've found mine to be, and she does as she's been taught, as your history will eventually reveal "truth", "history", and "justice" to her, and she does as you have done....something you can't imagine now because you're unable to see it as justice, will you have the presence of mind to recall this letter and the scriptural truths directing it and say, "Father, do unto me as I have done; this is justice: that I should receive as I did and do unto others? And if you're able, will you be comforted by so doing? We both know the answer to these questions.
There is only one protection for all of us and that is to sow as we hope to reap. Should I expect to receive kindness, I must execute kindness. Should I expect to reap forgiveness, I first must sow it. God's order opposes practically everything we imagine and think on our own; that's why He says, "As you do to the least of these children of Mine, you do unto Me; as you fail to do to the least of these children of Mine, you fail to do to Me!" (Matthew 25:40,45). It's His way that causes "the sun to rise and set and the rain to fall on the just as well as the unjust." It's our way to judge others in our imaginations of their injustices to us. It should be obvious to you, that even in your youth and vigor, that the way you've managed your family relationships, won't, ultimately, be satisfying to you, especially should they later be replayed in your own family. Take time to read Romans 12:16-21, Paul's revelation of our Father as God of the lowly and what should be our response to others. Pray, if not with me with Paul, that you will desire to live in harmony with others without haughtiness, without conceit, willing to associate with those you consider lowly, that God will help you repay no one evil for evil but that He'll enable you to take thought for what is noble in the sight of all and, as far as it depends on you, to ordain you to live peaceably with cause you to seek no revenge for yourself but leave it to God's wrath, that He'll help you not to be overcome with evil but to overcome evil with good, to, in the name and authority of Jesus, to ask and do these things according to His will and not what your will so far has been.
Your grandparents on both sides loved you. Sheryl's mother, particularly, has always remembered your special days and still keeps you and your loved ones in her thoughts, inquiries and prayers. Your abandonment of them is something that, as you grow older, will haunt you and cause you to regret and fear....not merely for your own sake, but for Avalon's. Isn't it easier to simply now give up what will be regret, to now give up your hardness of heart, to now give up your judgments, condemnations and unforgivenessnesses, than it will be to live with what most certainly will become irreversible sorrow and regret?
Perhaps, as you often have done before, you will see this letter as my criticism and judgment of you. Someday, instead, you'll see it as my attempt to protect you from what you will most certainly endure should you not perceive it in the spirit in which it is written; someday you'll understand it as coming from someone who has loved you very much. You've hurt your Mom and me; you changed the way Hilary understands sisterhood and family; you've devastated your Grandma Joann and, before that, your Grandpa Joe. "As a (wo)man sows, so shall (s)he reap." You may pick the times you sow, but God chooses the times you reap; you won't be satisfied when you begin to suffer the consequences of the things you've done. Someday you will wake up realizing that most of your life is behind you, that your parents are dead and gone and your opportunity to correct your part of what has been a pathetic situation, with them. In spite of what you imagine you'll think in the future, what I've written here is what you'll be feeling. Take the high road: be a better person, do better things, overcome as you'd like things overcome for you. Now is the time to initiate change, to be different and better. Blessings, Dad


  1. I mean this is the best way possible, but he is completely bat shit crazy? Can he not accept the fact that you do not want any kind of relationship from him? You own him nothing, and I am glad that you recognize that you have a happy and healthy life. There is really something seriously wrong with the way he processes his thoughts. I think he thrives on the BS.

  2. Oh man. How manipulative and disregarding of your feelings. Just like he sounds like he has been all your life. Good riddance, I say.