Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cleaning out the Pantry

Valentine's Bark!
I came across this idea on one of my favorite food blogs. I also have a pantry that needs cleaning out from Christmas. So I took her idea and used up what I had. And how can you go wrong with chocolate and sprinkles? Aren't sprinkles inherently happy?
*Melt your leftover Ghirardelli white bark(about 3/4 lb)
*Add puffed rice
*Spread on wax paper on a baking sheet
*Melt your leftover Ghirardelli chocolate bark(about 1lb)
*Spread on top of the white bark mixture.
*Sprinkle that half used bottle of sprinkles you've had in your cupboard for ages
*Then dot with the conversation you bought your kid because they absolutely needed them at the store but then never ate.
*And if you live in Montana or a northern climate, stick it out on your deck and it will done in about 10 minutes.

The Finished Product

So when I finished it, I had some of the chocolate left over, too much to throw away but not enough for which to do anything. So in an effort to keep cleaning out my pantry, I used a half of a bag of butterscotch chips and melted it with the chocolate. Then, in a bowl, I crunched up the rest of the Christmas pretzels I had(Note, even the most busiest of bakers cannot use up 3 lbs Christmas shaped pretzels before Christmas), mixed it with a bag of popcorn and a bag of M&M's, drizzled the chocolate mixture over it and layed it out on wax paper to dry. I took pictures but there is really no way to make them look appetizing. I like to do the same thing with white bark and add craisins or raisins and Reeses Pieces. You really can't go wrong!
Coming up next: Cookie Monster Cupcakes for Avalon's Valentine's Day party.