Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blah Blah Blah

What can I say? We've been stuck in the house for way too long. Avalon and I are SO tired of this weather. And while Avalon has never been great at entertaining herself, its even harder to do when we spend all day in the house.

I go back to the dietician Monday. I hope there is progress. I've been a little less preoccupied with it. That is to say, I'm not in a constant state of panic. I find myself more stressed on the weekends when its harder to calculate what I'm eating since we go out to eat more. I have felt a little better this week like my clothes are fitting better but that could be the result of eating less vegetables as the dietician instructed. Less fiber, less bloat. I know I wasn't having much success doing it my way but I only stressed about losing weight. Now I stress about eating all that food and not losing weight. I'll admit it, I think I ahve some serious issues with food.

ON a similar front, I've been working out so much that I've worn some pretty intense blisters/calluses on my pinky toes. Ive been medicating them and they've been getting better so hopefullly its not something I have to see a dematolligist about. Because as you Billings people might know, it takes months to get into one.

We've been in contact with some builders but with Jeff's current schedule and the intimadation of the process, we haven't made much progress on the new home front.

I baked/made a few things but forgot to take photos so I don't have anything to post. And I'm kind of tired of cooking right now.

Just feeling kinda blah and I'm pretty sure its the lack of sunlight. So tired of snow!

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  1. Ouch! I hope that your toes are feeling better!

    Good luck on the house front! It feels good to finally have an out.