Monday, February 14, 2011

Me Want Cookie

Tomorrow is Avalon 's Valentine's Day party for her preschool class. And unlike her other parties, where I looked for just the right thing(being fun to preschoolers but still allowing me to try somehing new) I knew I would be making these.

I made these last fall when I first discovered them and having no need for a dozen cupcakes, I took them to my sister-in-laws preschool class. Avalon of course ate her fair share and immediately requested I make them for her class.

She has since reminded me numerous times that I needed to make them. But after time I thought she had forgot all about them. Then a few weeks ago when I began looking at Valentine's Day decorations and sprinkles, I asked her what she wanted me to make her and she piped up, "Cookie Monster Cupcakes!"

For such a cute result, it really isn't that hard and while it took me longer than most recipes, it was not too terribly time consuming.

1. Bake a boxed cake mix into cupcakes and after they cool, frost generously.
2. Take a small package of coconut. Add to food processor. Sprinkle generously with blue food coloring and pulse until smoother and evenly colored. Don't over process, you want some of the texture to resemble Cookies fur.
3. Dip your frosted cupcake into the coconut. Past on coconut to fully cover the cupcake so frosting doesn't show through.
4. For eyes, use white Wilon melting chips. Use black gel frosting to draw dots for the eyeballs. Put the eyes on the cupcake wonky to resemble his eyes.
5. Next, cut a small slit in the cupcake and slide in a cookie of your choice for his mouth!

It really couldn't be any easier. And when I see my sister-in-law and her preschool class, they always ask if I brought any Cookie Monster cupcakes! They've made a lasting impression!

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