Monday, February 7, 2011

Foot Doctor

Had a physical therapy evaluation done today for Avalon. She has been a tiptoe walker since she started walking and we can't seem to get her to stop tiptoe walking so we decided to see an expert.

She does not have hypertonia, where the muscles in her feet and legs are overtone and create a stiff foot/leg that can't straighten out. Her achilles heel is pretty tight. So we have some exercises where she walks around like she just got her toes painted. She also has to do squats or walk around in the squatting position as well as me stretching her heel out several times a day. Basically we need to teach the rolling of the foot where we step with the heel and roll to the ball of the feet as most people do.

So while she definitely has an issue, the therapist is optimistic that taking care of it now when she's three we can definitely be able to stop the tiptoe walking. She also said that she hopes 3-4 months of therapy every other week should be all that it takes. We are going to keep the occupational therapy appointment also to see if Avalon is tiptoeing in an effort to avoid touching things.

Yay for good news!

Now if only it would stop snowing and warm up so Avalon and I can play outside!

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