Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let's Check On How I'm doing

So at the beginning of the year, I had written a list of goals I wanted to accomplish by the end of the year. And since getting into our new house, I've crossed one more off the list.

1. Start a new blog and try to update at least twice a week. Yes I'm a stay at home mom but I am busier than I ever was at a job.

So yeah, I think I can claim success with this one. So maybe I don't update twice a week but I have been BUSY. Any of you who have bought a house know this.

2. Start food blogging. I need an outlet for for all the baking and cooking I do. And I pledge to include pictures, so help me god. Who knows, I may even send you some. And those of you who got my "Christmas Cards" know I'm not even kidding.

I started off strong but have backed off in the last few months. Again, I was busy buying and selling a house. But at my old house(that didn't have central air) it was too hot to bake in the middle of summer. But that shouldn't be an issue now. Central air and a much larger kitchen will help make that better. I just have to figure out this new oven.

3. I have golf clubs in my garage that my "honorary" mom(that's what we call each other) loaned me. This is the year I will take lessons. I love golf. I love to watch it. I love the players. I love the game. It's especially fun on the Playstation and the Wii. Also Jeff knows how and if I learned, maybe we could introduce it to Avalon and play as a family. And then Jeff and I would have a hobby together, because my attempts to woo him into baking and his attempts to woo me to motorcyle repair just aren't working. Maybe we'll start fresh.

So I didn't get to this one. I probably should've been a little more proactive this spring and early summer but I wasn't and then I ran out of time. Rest assured, it will be on my list for next year.

4. Buy a new house. Yes this will involve Jeff as well but this is the year I put my foot down/quit quibbling and not making up my mind. Avalon will not go to school in this neighborhood. And, damn, I want a freaking kitchen bigger than my bathroom.

WOOHOO! We did it! We nearly doubled our square footage, Avalon will go to a much better school and we are in a house that can be a forever house. I am so excited to start fixing it up. We get to make this house exactly how I want it. I know the work would scare a lot of people but it's mostly cosmetic and besides the floors Jeff and i can do most of it ourselves. I've got a larger kitchen and a dining space!

5. Introduce Avalon to new hobbies and crafts. I know she needs to be in dance. I know once she is used to the routine, the teacher, the other kids, it'll be okay. But that adjustment time can be a rough period, probably rougher on me. But she can be painfully shy in public and seems to have a bit of anxiety. (wonder where she gets that) She is proving to be very artistic and musical. So I want to take her to a local pottery place where you can buy a piece of pottery and paint it, they fire it and we get it back. ( And start doing even more crafts that extend beyong the paint, playdoh and cutting and glue. I think in addition to dance she would really profit from some sort of music class. The girl has rhythm and is singing constantly especially to Classical Music. Mostly I need to get my butt in gear and if I am positive about it so she will be as well.

Check and check. This summer I had her back in Rock, Tumble, and Roll and Art class. We went and did pottery a couple times and plan on making that something we do ever so often. It really is fun! And we started her in ballet this fall. She really seems to like it so far and unlike some classes offered at the Y, this is the real deal.

6. We will go on a big vacation this year. Big as in get on a plane go somewhere and stay for 5 days. None of the quick weekends to Chico(although they are super fun) Jeff and I have pledged to set aside the time and money and make it happen. Maybe the Oregon Coast again or Disneyland, maybe even Hawaii.

We did it. We spent a week at the Oregon coast and infected Avalon with the travel bug. She has since asked to go back to Oregon, go back to the ocean, go to Hawaii and go to Disneyland (and space). We had to cancel our small trip to Yellowstone because we sold our house so quickly but hopefully will get to Chico this fall.

7. Continue on my weight loss journey. I've lost 33 lbs give or take a couple pounds. They have been hard earned as my metabolism is not too agreeable. But I've got a couple great doctors on my side and beleive it or not, I crave exercise so that helps.

Just had a check up today and I'm down 50 lbs. It's still slow and steady but I'm losing and that's all that matters. The summer was rough in respect to going to the gym but now Avalon is back in preschool three days a week and ballet the other two so I hopefully can reach my goal of gettting 300 minutes a week.

8. I have started running but i still at my weight can be painful but as competitive as I am with myself, I would love to start racing albeit short races for now. At least one 5k by the end of the year. But hopefully another 20 pounds will help.

I have had oppurtunity after oppurtunity to do this but I have had some other reason. I am actually building quite the stamina and run intervals all the time(seems to melt the lbs away). There is one more oppurtunity coming up but its far away and kinda takes my entire Saturday. So we'll see.

9. After watching Avalon fish this summer with her Grandpa Pat and Uncle Adam and seeing how much fun it was for her and bringing me back to my times as a kid fishing with my brother, I really want to get my license and take her fishing. Catch and release though. I like my fish already butchered(I can't believe I used to do that, yuck!).

So sort of a half check on this one. Jeff got his license and took Avalon fishing when we were in Seeley. She got 20 some fish so not a complete failure.

10. Most importantly, I want to remember to not sweat the small stuff, remember that true family trumps all else and that peace only comes from within. I've got one pretty great hubby, the most awesome munckin and a damn good life. I just need to remember that and I'm golden.

I think I'm getting pretty good at this. This year isn't even close to over and I am rocking at life.

Now, I've gotta get rested up. I gotta house that needs painting. But first I've got to get that wallpaper down. And the light fixtures... But this is the fun part right? Right.


  1. What a great blog, Miss Heather. You are an amazing young woman who I am looking forward to getting to know better through Facebook and your blog. Congratulations on the new house and the weight loss! Great accomplishments!! Enjoy your mama time, it goes SO fast, especially once they are in school!

  2. It looks like you're doing a pretty great job. :) I think following up with your recipes will be much easier once you are settled into your new place.