Tuesday, September 13, 2011

3 days and counting

Only three days until the big move. I cannot wait to be moved for Avalon's sake. Her anxiety is through the roof manifesting itself with sobbing and wailing and being sick. Yesterday she kept telling me she was sick and had a sore throat and bad tummy. But when we went to Grandma's house, she was mysteriously fine and played like crazy. Then we come home, and she's sick again. Poor kid.

My "long lost brother" has recently come into my life. Okay so he isn't long lost, I've known where he was. But we stopped communicating about a year and a half ago. He landed himself in prison. We were communicating by letter and I visited him once. But everything that I wrote or said to him ended up coming back to my via my dad using what I wrote and said as ammo against me. (My dad took on Joe as his mission to save him, Joe hadn't talked to my parents nearly as long as I have until that point) I asked Joe if he could please keep our conversations between us. I have to protect my family and those we love from my dad's antics which can be very disruptive.

Well he couldn't and so I backed off and quit communicating with him(which my dad then used as evidence of me abandoning joe, although before he said I was enabling him.) I will do whatever I have to do to keep my dad and his manipulative angry ways away from Jeff and especially Avalon. And if that means I have to give up other relationships I will. If you make me choose, I choose Jeff and Avalon.

Anyway after getting out of prison and living in a halfway house, Joe who had become close to my dad, mom and sister ended up living in an apartment my dad has. I've known all along that shit would eventually go done and things would go south. I just didn't know when.

Well about 2 weeks ago, just that happened. My dad intercepted Joes mail and read his bank statements and thought he was misspending his money. He also told Joe's parole officer that he must be doing drugs etc and created a bit of a mess for Joe. Joe has sinced moved into a new apartment.

Well when this all happened, Joe called me and the first words out of him mouth were, "Our Dad is something else."

I just said, "Well I knew you'd come around eventually." My dad will never change. He may seem to for a while but he always resorts to the same old shit.

So while I am glad that Joe and I can rebuild our relationship I am very cautious. I got burned bad this last time around and I can't be too careful especially when it comes to my family.

Sometimes, I am just done with all the drama.

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