Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The good, the bad, and the ugly.


Jeff and I killed it this morning. Over the course of the last few weeks, I had managed to get most of our house boxed up and in the garage and the last few days Jeff helped me get all the big stuff into the garage.

After we dropped Avalon off at preschool, we got our uhaul at 9 and went home. In an hour and 15 minutes we had loaded 3/4 of what was in the garage and by the time I had to pick up Avalon at 1130 we had unloaded all but two work benches into the new garage.

Then when we came home, and after dealing with "the bad", we spent the afternoon cleaning and packing etc. Then Jeff's dad came at 3, and filled up the uhaul, my car and the Old Man's truck. We got it all unloaded by 530.

Jeff's sister Katy took Avalon for the evening for "a date with my best friend" as Avalon called it all day. Since we had gotten more done that we expected and were completely exhausted. (The words, "I haven't pushed this hard since I was in labor" may have been uttered pushing a piano into the house) Jeff and I cleaned up and went to dinner ourselves. We hope to be completely out by tomorrow at noon.


So I get a call today from our realtor that the gal buying our house will do her walkthrough tomorrow at noon. No biggie, this is typical. She also says that in order for our buyer to get her funds, the City of Billings has to come do an inspection. Our realtor says that she has never seen this but figures it is probably just a formality.

No it wasn't. There were three issues with our house that the lady with the City of Billings(who wouldn't even acknowledge us, beyatch) Two of the issues, she wasn't going to cite but the third one had to be fixed and reinspected in order for closing on Friday morning to occur.

Her regulations stipulated that each bedroom(4) had to have a smoke alarm and there had to be one in each hallway(2). Easy enough, go buy 6 smoke alarms right? No, wrong. The smoke alarms had to communicate with one another so that if one upstairs went off, it triggered the alarms in the basement as well. Basically if one goes off they must all go off. I had never heard of this anywhere and neither had our realtor. So, we drop what we are doing.(No wait, we dropped what we were doing so they could do the inspection) and head to Lowes to see if there were options that didn't include hiring some company to wire our house to do this. Low and behold they do make something. There is a brand that makes Wireless Smoke Alarms. And luckily there are only 6 left. But unlike a typical smoke alara which cost $5-10 these are triple the price. So $200 later we have this stipulation corrected.

Frankly, I am tired of spending money on a house that I am not going to live in anymore.(I feel like I've spent more money on this house in the last3 weeks than I have in the last year) Two, why couldn't this lady have made this inspection a week ago. Why wait until two days before closing, interrupting our whole process. She also says that she has to come back to inspect to make sure we did it. That means she has to come tomorrow or we don't close. And then our realtor tried to get a hold of her all afternoon and she never answered and wouldn't return her calls. Douche Bag!

and lastly


So, since we got way more done than we had planned and Katy had already planned on taking Avalon for us, we went out to dinner. And since it was a long ass day, I endulged in a margarita at Texas Roadhouse. (I also ate bad choices but there were SO good.) Anyway, I am halfway through my marg and I am feeling it. And I don't mean buzzed. I am drunk. Half a margarita and I am trying not to slur my words and sit up straight. CHEAP DATE, that's what I am.

I don't drink often or very much. (Too many calories, I like to eat my calories not drink them.) And judging by this evening, I am a lightweight.

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