Sunday, September 11, 2011

Funny dog

Last night Murph was laying between Jeff and I with his but right up by our faces.

Jeff says, "You need to move him."

"All winter long you want him to sleep up between us and now that he is you want to boot him?" I asked.

"Pretty Much. It's summer and it's too hot."

"Well," I suggest, "You better move him."

"You know if I try to move him that he'll growl and snap at me."(Only time Murph gets pissed off).

"Well you want him to move, so you move him."

"Really??" Jeff asks. "You're gonna make me move him."

"Yep." Just taunting him to get his goat.

"Oh come on, just move him."

"Fine," I give in with Jeff expecting me to push his butt down our shiny comforter.(Because he never barks at me even if I move him.) I am the alpha to him although he thinks he outranks Jeff and Avalon.

Instead of physically moving Murph, I say, "Okay Murph, time to go to bed." With that he gets up and walks to the foot of the bed and lays back down to go to sleep.

Jeff goes to bed just shaking his head.

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