Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Doing those things I said I'd do

I took Avalon to In Good Glazes and we painted some coffee cups. Avalon really seemed to like it. I think once we pick up the fired pieces she'll really see how cool it is.

We still want to get her into dance but aren't sure if she would actually do it. She is very pro-mom right now and wants me by her side at all times. I love that she loves being around me but by the end if the day I am worn out. Jeff even volunteers to play with her and she still wants to be with me.

Today we got to play at the park for the first time since the snow first fell this last fall. It wad glorious to be outside! Avalon had the biggest smile!

We also had another physical therapy appointment today. It seems to Jeff and I that we are constantly telling her to walk on her heels and at this point she is even ignoring me. She hates doing the exercises with me. We have resorted to a prize bag that has prizes for when she does her exercises. The PT said that we are obviously doing as much as we can because we are annoying her. She also said she rather it be us than her who annoys Avalon so that she'll continue wanting to come so we can gauge her progress.

Speaking of progress. . . Since I am constantly harping on Avalon to walk flat I don't see the progress but the PT says that she isn't walking on her toes nearly as high as she was and when she walks flat that her gait is less awkward. Yay for steps in the right direction!

Avalon has learned lots of new word of late: some good, some not so good. In an effort to curb some of the not so favorable behavior we are starting a sticker chart . If she gets 100 stickers she gets to go to build a bear or Chuckie Cheese. And yes we find bribes to be a very effective parenting tool. Just kidding! But rewarding positive behavior seems to work for her better than punishment. Not to say she doesn't get her timeouts but when she has a goal she works really hard.

One of the funnier things she said this week was to address her Grandma as "Your Highnessy.". Your highness + your majesty! Cracks me up!

I had an especially rough week last week in regards to
My weight loss efforts. Monday at my appointment with the dietician I weighed and had lost .8 an two weeks. Friday when I went to my endocrinologist I had gained 2 lbs. I was in total disbelief!

I know that right now I am kinda obsessed with it all but this is exactly why. I work out a minimum of 210 minutes and usually hover around the 230-240 mark and eat 1600 calories. Bur I am still not losing.

I am sensing that my dietician is stumped and as Jeff and any one else who is around me, I am nit cheating. I am not letting there be any excuse why I am not losing. But I am tired and wore out. It's exhausting to be this consumed by my weight and diet.

My doc started me on a new med that should help my own efforts. It has some side effects that I have to watch but so far my most notable one is dry mouth. My doc only wants me on it for 6 months or less so it's not long term.

I did weigh on my wii and it said I was down 3 lbs but I don't have that much faith in the wii being accurate so I didn't get my hopes up. But the scale at the Y said the same thing. So maybe good news? I'm not going to count my chickens before they hatch. In the very least I am feeling more upbeat about things.

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