Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Good Stuff

I'm not really sure what changed but I've just been feeling good about life in general. I spent the better part of the beginning of 2011 being stressed out. I think it mainly had to do with my weight loss efforts as I've chronicled in the past. I think it helps that my next appointment with my dietician is a month away. I hate going in their and failing. And failing in front of someone else is that much more worse. I also indulged a litle bit this last weekend, and while I do have enough guilt so that I don't go overboard, it wasn't the usual all consuming guilt that I usually have. Ask me in a couple weeks if I feel the same and I'll probably be different but for now its okay.

The weather we had about a week ago doesn't hurt either. Sadly the cold and some snow was back but by Thursday this week we should be up into the 60's. Being outside and light out past 6PM certainly makes everyone in the Hughs House a lot more content. My tulips are coming up, Avalon and I are playing at the park and going on walks. And this week, Jeff is getting our bikes out and aired up so we can start riding bikes.

We have a planned a trip for the first part of May. As one of my goals/resolutions for the new year was to go on a trip, I will be able to cross this off my list. Unfortunately, Hawaii was just not affordable for us this year so we instead planned a trip for the Oregon Coast. Jeff and I last did this when I was pregnant with Avalon. We had such a good time last time that we swore we'd do it again. And since its so low key and laid back, we figured this would be a good first trip to take Avalon. (Not to say that Hawaii wouldn't have been fun but at nearly $900 a ticket, it was nearly 3K to just fly there. Flying to Oregon, renting a car, and staying in beach front hotels for 6 nights is about $1800. Hawaii another time.) We are SO looking forward to some time off to play at the beach, fly kites, eat out, etc. Jeff wants to plan a three day weekend to Yellowstone but I am letting him do it because the Oregon trip planning was exhausting. We bought our tickets through hotwire so I had to check lots of dates to actually get good rates but it did make our weeklong car rental only about $100. And we are meeting up with one of Jeff's friends as well.

Things are just going along swimmingly in general. I think Jeff's raise did a little in relieving my stress but it's not everything. But we've also spent the last 18 months ridding ourselves of all unessential debt like a credit card, and a couple student loans. Jeff has always made fun by calling me "the saving nazi." But hey, it pays off. And it lets us have fun now guilt free. Still been working on getting Avalon into dance. Watching her dance and sing(she knows every word to nearly all the songs on Bruno Mars CD) I know that we need to encourage that side of her. But everytime I broach the subject with her and describe what would happen, she only wants to do it if dance with her(Yeah, not gonna happen) In trying to encourage her independence, I asked if she wanted to do the "Rock Tumble and Roll" class at the Y again and she asked if I would do it with her like last time(We did the Mommy and Me class when she was 2) I told her that I would leave her there and pick her back up when she was done just like preschool. Still she wasn't having any of it unless I did it with her. I'm not sure if maybe I should just push her into but my instincts say no. And unfortunately for me, my instincts are hit or miss. I think though once preschool is over for the year, I am going to start her in gymnastics. I would go with her and watch but not actually do it along side her and see if that will help her be a little more independent from me.

ANd with spring approaching and then summer, I just sense the best is yet to come for 2011.

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  1. So glad things are going well! Can't wait to see pics from Oregon!!! :) You are a fab mama!