Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yay for Progress!

Here it is in short form

February 28: went to dietician, down .8 lbs over the last two weeks

Four days later...

March 4: Up two pounds from Febraury 28 having done exactly what dietician and doctor have asked me, completely devastated. Start a new medication to help with my efforts.

Notice an immediate drop but don't get my hopes up, I've been struggling and disappointed so long that I don't have any real hopes that medication will work for me.

Use the Wii to weight and every other day I am very disappointed with what it says.

March 16: weight with the wii, up a couple of pounds, very nervous and disappointed. Go to the Y and swim, weigh and am relieved.

Go to my appointment with the dietician and weigh exactly what the Y scale says which is 5 pounds down from when I lost saw her(down 7 from when I saw Dr. Mack)

Feeling a little better about things! Still not sure the medication is a miracle drug but lets give it another 2 weeks!

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