Monday, March 21, 2011

Just recovering from a whirlwind weekend of sorts. Avalon had a birthday party on Saturday and then we had plans to go to Bozeman to meet up with Joelene and Pat and then to celebrate Joelene's parents 60th wedding anniversary on Sunday in Livingston. Then we made our way home yesterday afternoon. A good weekend albeit a very busy one.

We did begin our weekend with a trip to the Toyota dealership. After five hours we walked out with a brand spanking new 2011 4Runner, replacing our 2002 4Runner. And although the purchase seemed a bit sudden, let me assure you that it was anything but. Jeff has wanted a new car for quite some time. I on the other hand LOVED our old 4Runner. Over the last few months, Jeff has had me testdrive a new Honda CRV(too small and too slow), a Nissan Murano(too fast and too many blindspots), A Toyota Highlander(nice but felt like settling or a lateral move). We looked at new Subarus but driving a wagon would be like Jeff having to drive a minivan: not gonna happen. I just wasn't willing to get rid of my 4Runner so replacing it with another was about the only option. And Jeff was right, if we drove our car much longer, we'd probably have to put some money into it as it had 121,000 miles and we haven't put a dime into it. If we sold/traded now, it would still be worth something. Still I kept dragging my feet, because face it, no car payment is kind of a nice feeling.

I joked with Jeff that he could get a new car if he got a raise. (Money not being the issue, I was just dragging my feet. Then last week he came home Tuesday having gotten a raise. I knew, then, a car was in the future. Then Wednesday, he came home having gotten a second raise. Then, I knew a car was really in our immediate future. (On a side note, I am really glad/proud that his bosses/employer has recognized all of his time, effort and hard work). And after 5 long somewhat annoying hours at the Toyota dealership we got a new car. (It sucks in some respects to be a daughter of a carsalesman. You know there is some level of being had. At one point I was positive we were walking out of there without a new car but they finally agreed to our terms)

And I'm really glad Jeff isn't quite as emotionally attached to our car like I am and convinced me that now was a good time to get a new car. I only say this once in a blue moon, but Jeff is right. It turned out to be a good move for so many reasons with one of the top ones being that this 4Runner rocks even more than my old one. Who knew that was even possible.

And today when I went to insure it, it only upped our insurance $27 every 6 months due mainly because of all its safety ratings. Win! I love that in the car as well as the old one, that it is very safe and if I get into a wreck, I'm probably going to get the better end of the deal. Even more than my last car, this one is a tank.

Also, I've never beena huge cell phone person. I have one because we don't have a landline, but I'm not a crazy texter and half the time I leave my phone places other than where I am. But I have bluetooth through my car radio. (Yeah yeah, i know every other person in the world has this but it still seems cool to me). And the free trial of XM Radio might be a bad thing. I'm gonna get hooked on it and then have to pay for it.

Speaking of "winning," it has taken on entire new meaning since Charlie Sheen has been "Winning."

Since the installation of the sticker chart, Avalon's behavior is on a whole new level. She has to get 100 hundred stickers for a trip to Chucky Cheese(oh joy). But is getting small rewards at 25, 50 and 75. At 25 stickers she picked out a Polly Pocket. Since its inception several weeks ago, she consistenly uses her manners saying, please, thank you. She is courteous and polite, volunteering to help out whether it is cleaning up her own messes or helping to up someone elses. When she gets herself a snack or treat, she offers to get me one as well. We still catch her using not nice words but she that she is using them incorrectly. But we have a talk about using nice words rather than not nice and she is now asking when she is unsure of what she is saying to see if it is good or bad. The other day she made me really proud when she corrected herself doing her feet exercises and said, "No cheating, that's wrong." It lets me know that she is learning the difference between right and wrong and that I am making an impression and set an example, and good ones at that. She is such a good kid. Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve a kid and hubby like the ones I've got.

Then i also wonder what I did to get a dog like Murph. He has definitely kept me on toes. He has been eating everything including Avalon's Moon Dough. He ate open a box of spaghetti and proceeded to eat the dry noodles before I caught him. And his barking! Oh his barking is driving me nuts. I put him outside a lot especially during Avalon's meal times because he eats/steals her food. He knows that when he barks I will go outside to yell at him or bring him. Now he scratches the window incessantly looking at me an I tell him through the window to go lay down. Instead he goes to the end of the deck at barks at nothing in particular just to see if I will come get him. In this weather, it won't hurt him one bit to be outside.

With this recent good weather, it has been so nice to be outside. Last week we went to the park nearly everyday and Avalon rode her bike in the driveway every single day. Everybody is in such a better mood when we get to get out and stretch our legs.

Spring and daylight savings has vastly improved my mood these days. I can't wait for summer!

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