Saturday, April 2, 2011

Busy Busy

We had a very productive day today. We were relativity busy during the week but it didn't invlolve leaving the house very much so today while Jeff helped his dad move Jeff's sister into a new apartment Avalon and went shopping.

Trying on all of my capris this week, I've discovered that most of them don't fit. Thankfully it's in a good way: they're all too big! Losing weight is great but I don't have anything to wear. I must lose weight in odd places because some of my pants still fit okay around the waist but have all this extra fabric in the seat and crotch of my pants. So I look like I'm usually carrying a load around in my pants.

So Avalon and headed out on a mission to replace some of my clothes. I headed to Kmart of all places. Mainly because it is really cost effective to do so and as I don't intend to stay this size and want to continue to lose weight, I want to spend as little as possible and stay clothed. I did find one pair that fit decently. So we headed to Shopko and found nothing there but did manage to find "Tangled" and a gift for another birthday party Avalon has been invited too.

On the note of birthday parties, I would've never considered throwing a birthday party for Avalon wherein I rented a space and invited classmates. Avalon's birthday is during the summer to she is not in school. I guess I'm glad that Avalon is making friends who want to invite her to their parties.

We headed to the dollar store to get wrapping paper and tissue paper. I don't typically shop at Shopko or Kmart but Target has nothing in the clothes department right now. But i was really surprised at how overpriced those stores were in comparison to Target. I always considered Target the Barneys of those sort of stores but alas, I was wrong. And just from experience having bought baby clothes for Avalon at Walmart, I would never shop there for clothes again. The few things I did buy at Walmart, shrunk or fell apart the first time I washed them.

We stopped by Jeff's parents house and left Avalon with Grandma while I went to get my nails done and then I went to do a little more shopping. Sadly, Old Navy, Kohls, and Ross' had nothing to offer but it was nice to shop alone. I love my munchkin but is nice to have some alone time.

We did hit up Target tonight though. I got Avalon a new nightgown for the summer that wasn't stained or long sleeved like her other ones. Also got her another pair of pants, some cleaning supplies, and an organizer that goes on the back of the car seat so we can neatly store her items in the car. My car past the 550 mile on the odomoter. Seems so weird to see that sometimes. Really hard to believe that I am willingly parking way far away from wear I'm going to avoid parking near people.

Only 1 month until we leave for Oregon. I am so ready to get out Dodge!

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