Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I haz the patience

Or so says Avalon. I know I've talked a bit about the sticker chart we've been using for rewarding good behavior. So today when we got home from going to a doctor appointment, swimming at the Y, going to the fabric store and grabbing a couple things from Wally World, I told her that she had done "really good job of having a good attitude, not complaining and helping this morning" and that she would get a sticker for it.

"So, good job Miss Avalon, you get a sticker," as I usually address her.

"You did a good job too Mommy."

"I did?" I asked her.

"Yeah, you be happy and smile and you have your patience sewing last night."

I could only laugh to myself realizing how much kids pick up on. I typically sew when she is sleeping but since naps are no longer part of our day I have to wait until night or do some of it when she's awake. And yes, I do lose patience and get irritated with myself and my novice sewing skills. And if you happen to interrupt me while I'm frustrated, you'll probably get a short reply. But last night, I was having some good luck. Or rather, I could read the pattern and do what they were asking me to do.

I really enjoy sewing but teaching myself has been less than easy mainly becuase of all of the terminology. I have to look up every little thing. And then sometimes the pictures that accompany the discriptions make no sense at all. Obviously, I am not a visual learner.

So I started out yesterday with the little poncho/cape. I first made it in brown fleece but the end result looked very cowboyish. Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against cowboys. To the contrary I quite enjoy the rodeo for more than the events. *wink* But, cowboy and three year old girl don't really go together. So today when I ran to get some elastic for the skirt I also made, I picked up some more fleece, in pink this time

It's super cute and Avalon thinks she can be Little Red Riding Hood, but seriously, what purpose really is there for a poncho?

I had bought the pattern that had both the poncho and the skirt in it, and the fabric a long, long time ago. Cleaning in the spare bedroom last night I came acrossed it and realized I'd better make it before she is not the size 4 that I intended to sew it as.

I had quite a bit of luck and didn't have to rip one seam. And actually discovered that I am learning how to sew. I understood the pattern and how they intended for me to sew it but having made other skirts and jumbers for Avalon, I knew I could do it much easier than was shown.

So (sew) far. hehe. This is the third skirt I've made for Avalon (first one with this pattern) but I seem to have an affection for paisley. Thankfully Avalon doesnt mind. And since her attire of choice is dress or skirts, I will definitely be making a few more of these and told her she could come and pick out the fabric she wants.

And, as Avalon pointed out, I didn't lose my patience once making these. Surely that means progress, right? Now if I could figure out how to take pictures of a three year old child who doesn't want to stand still or look at the camera.

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  1. I love that last picture. She looks so cute! Good job, mommy!