Monday, April 18, 2011

Peep Show!

I love when Avalon has parties at preschool! It affords me the opportunity to make things that I would never normally make. So instead of feeling down that Avalon is growing up, this is one aspect that I am loving(and book orders too!). But at Christmas I learned that one of Avalon's classmates has an egg allergy(which eliminates most sweets for her). So on party days, her mom bring in treats for her child that are egg free. I can only imagine at 3 that must seem like quite the injustice to miss out on some of the fun treats that parents bring. So for their Easter party I wanted to make something that wouldn't exclude Avalon's classmate. So here is an egg-free spoof on a bird in a nest with eggs.

So here is what you need to round up: Pretzel Sticks, Peeps(chicks preferably, these are nests after all), chocolate coating(I used almond bark) and jelly beans.

1. Melt your coating in the microwave, stirring every 30-45 seconds until melted and smooth. Add the pretzel sticks and stir to coat.(Note: It works better to kind of crunch up the pretzels so they are not so long and also I had to do this in two batches.)

2. Using a spoon, put a fair sized mound of pretzels on wax paper.

3. While still wet, place a Peep on top and add a few jelly beans to look like eggs in the nest. Let dry.

Note: One pound bag of pretzels, and one pound of almond bark made 22 nests. Consequently needing 22 Peeps. And unfortunately, I have all these Starburst Jellybeans leftover and they are so stinking good!

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