Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And on the eighth day, he gave us internet

Sadly, I have become that person totally dependent on her technology. We lost our internet Monday night, called Bresnan, they said they could schedule a call for Thursday. Unless we wanted to be on call for 24 hours and home whenever they called to come check out. Um yeah, I need my access and I'm a stay at home mom so Avalon and I did something we never do. We stayed home. ALL. day.

They guy came yesterday pittered around my house checking all the connections, gave me a hard time for having a "radio shack" splitter in our cable box(which was not of our doing), claimed he fixed the problem with a new modem(that we "rent" each month in order to have internet access). I got on and 20 minutes later, it wasn't working again. Call the 800 number, punch 0 twice to bypass all the automated crap and got to a customer service agent who realized that it wasn't something he could fix with me over the phone. Told me someone should be able to come back out that same afternoon. Wait around all afternoon for the call that never comes. Call bresnan back, punch 0 twice and a different guy tells me that there will definitely not be somebody out that afternoon and I'd have to wait till Wednesday(today).

So Avalon and I wait around all morning. I rearranged the living room, CLEANED my house and waited. Around 1130 we went to Holiday to get a soda and a newspaper(that hadn't been delivered to my house. I can't call the Gazette to bitch because I don't pay for the paper to be delivered during the week, only the weekend but they still deliver every day anyway). We head home and Avalon says, "Where we going?"

"Home." I reply.

"We can't go home! We have lots of things to go do!" Poor girl is tired of sitting around the house too.

Two o'clock rolls around and nobody has showed up and its been 24 hours. I call Bresnan to check up on my appt because at this point I'm so irritated with them I don't care that I'm irritating them. Gal tells me, there are 3 Southside appts in front of me plus the one that the tech is already on. But I am on the must do list for the day so they will definitely be there.

Hang up, 10 minutes later, the tech calls to see if he can come over. Comes over, putters around for over an hour and comes up and says it's working.

"For good?" I ask.

"I can't guarantee that. The company that bought us has provided these half rate modems and I had to try three today before I could get one to work. Their equipment is failing 50% of the time."

I rolled my eyes and showed him out. Get on the internet and go about my business and 25 minutes later its out, again. I call bresnan and nearly fly off the handle but the customer service rep and I were able to fix it over the phone. THANK god! Yes I need internet. It's my phonebook, my encyclopedia, how I pay my bills, keep track of my bank account, and connect with people over the age of 3.

Combine that with being overly hormonal and couped up, Bresnan is lucky I didn't rip them a new one.

Also, my diet(or rather what I need to be eating) is stressing me out. Who knew eating more would be so freaking hard. The dietician wants me to work towards a 2000 calorie minimum but for the first two weeks I can build up to it but need to hit at least 1600 calories.

I haven't hit 1200 calories in months. Sadly I'm not losing yet, but its early and thankfully I'm not gaining. But I haven't hit 1600 calories since i started. I think today was my highest and I'm at 1450. How in the world will i ever get to 2000. Eating is stressing me out. I can't phyysically eat more food. I'm more than full all the time. I need to find higher calorie food that is still good for me. But when I'm required to eat 2 cups of veggies and 1.5 cups of fruit which are low calorie, I'm full for anything else.

But I am desperate to start losing again so I'm trying and supplementing with carnation instant breakfast. It doesn't taste too bad and 1 cup of it gives me 220 calories.

Needless to say, I can't wait to get to the gym and get in a long workout to release some of this stress and take Avalon anywhere but home because apparently "We have lots of things to do."

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  1. That sounds so terrible. Why is customer service so terrible these days? In two days, I had a plumber and a maintenance worker both be 45 minutes late. They think that your time isn't important. They don't even apologize for being late. I feel your irritation.