Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have been doing some major baking lately but in what can only be explained by what I like to call "blonde moments" I have taken nary a picture of anything I've made.

It's a shame because I've made some really deliscious recipes. So in lieu of a foodie post, I'll give you some links and if so desired, you can make them yourself. Thankfully I was able to give almost all of it away to a friend in Portland OR who went shopping at IKEA for me. SO as thanks to him, I sent him some goodies.

I made him the sugar cookies I previously posted but added vanilla and chocolate frosting and sprinkles. As the comedian Ralphie May would say, 'Frosting is seriously the most underrated food ever." These cookies were good to start with but frosting took them over the top. And who can hate on sprinkles. So if you're so inclined,

Next I made a caramel espresso bars that I had seen a long long time ago on a show hosted by Giada de Laurentiis. SHe made a graham cracker crust, topped that with a caramel layer and them a chocolate ganache as the top layer. I had made them before so i knew they were tasty but this time the carmel got a little harder than i wanted but still edible and tasty nonetheless.

Because I peruse a number a food blogs, I have been aware of Fat Witch Brownies for some time. They are a small bakery in NYC who've earned recognition far and wide. They've even been named one of Oprah's Favorite things. So when I saw the cookbook at the library I snatched it up and bookmarked about 12 of the recipes. (All of the recipes are bar recipes) And while Fat Witch is known for its brownies, I haven't actually made the brownies. BUt I did make some Butterscotch Bars and Lemon Bars. Both were top notch and if you come by this cook book, take a look. All of the recipes are easy with no hard to find ingredients and I'm willing to bet that if I make more of her recipes, they will be good too.

Aso this week, I was in desperate need to get rid of some pretzels. Sam's club was selling these huge 3 lb containers of pretzels in Christmas shapes thinking they would be great for covered pretzels during the holidays. And they were, just not 3 lbs of them. So I took a bunch of pretzels, one bag of popped corn, one king size box of Reeses pieces, a regular bag of M&M's, probably 3/4cup of dried cranberries and poored melted almond bark over it, and spread the mixture onto wax paper. Thankfully this too went to my friend in Portland, because the combination of salty and sweet is almost too much to resist.

So, my apologies on the lack of pics. Maybe I'll get with it this next week but don't expect any miracles. My brain has not been functioning at full capacity for a couple weeks now.

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