Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Breathe in Breathe out

Don't get me wrong I really am anticipating going to Vegas next week/weekend. When I think of all the awesome shopping, eating, and activities, I get really excited. I am super stoked to get some quality sleep with me and only me in the bed. I am way excited to go on a small vacay as we really haven't been anywhere since Avalon was born(although we are going to fix that this summer)

But I've never really left Avalon. She has only stayed at Grandma and Papa's overnight twice. (Although I think I was the most nervous that first time) But they only live three blocks away so if disaster struck, we were pretty close by.

Also don't misunderstand me. Jeff is completely capable of taking care of Avalon although her hair may be a little messy for a couple days. (I am teaching him how to put a pony in but still not a natural think for him to do. I had to teach him how to put tights on her last week. Kinda glad he doesn't know how to do that though. If Jeff was wearing hose, I'd be a bit concerned)

I guess I'm most worried about me but if their is any inkling of hesitation on Avalon's part, it'll kill me. We've been talking about me going and bringing back "prizes." But every time we talk about the fun things she and Daddy are gonna do, like sleep in a tent, go on lunch dates etc. SHe asks, "Mom's coming too?" So i hope they have so much fun they forget all about me.

I also am missing her pajama party at school which I realize i'm not going to shool with her but I love picking her up on those days and hearing all about how much fun she had. Small price to pay to go on vacation I suppose.

Lastly it's not natural to go places without Avalon. Going places without Jeff happens a lot because he works all the time. But I almost always have Avalon in tow and when Jeff is home on the weekends, we almost always go do things together. Its just odd to not have her with me/us. Don't get me wrong, we definitely appreciate the times when we get dinner together alone(usually at a restaurant we can't take Avalon) but we always comment how strange it is not to have her there. Also, we didn't have a child to pawn her off on grandparents to watch all the time(although I don't think they'd mind) We just love having her with us. It's so natural for it to be that way.

Okay, now that I got that out, I can go to Vegas and totally enjoy myself. And come back and never leave Avalon again. (Just kidding) (I think.)

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  1. You can call the little miss and find out how the PJ party went. Don't forget about glorious technology. You are only a phone call away. :) So go and have some fun!