Friday, January 21, 2011

Good News Bad News

Went back to the dietician today for the basal metabolic test. Basically it is the most accurate way to test what your base caloric needs are for everday functions at the weight your currently in. For ten minutes, you breathe into a machine(nose plugged and is tests your CO2 levels) to see how effective or ineffective your metabolism is.

The good news? I have a faster metabolism than most women

The bad news? I've been starving myself for about 16 months or more. Also because I've been dieting on and off for years, my metabolism tries to conserve every last ounce of what I put into it. Also because I haven't eaten breakfast in years(probably since I left home) it never really gets started for the day.

According to this test(which she said is the 'gold standard' in the medical field) I need about 3700 calories a day to maintain. So i said, "I don't think I ever ate this amount of calories period so why is it so easy to gain wait?" The long and short of it, is a lack of breakfast, meals planned at the same time every day(so my body knows its getting fed), lack of calcium/vitamin d and thyroid issues.

Still, it seems counterintuitive to be eating even more food. Her suggestion, in addition to the 210-250 minutes of exercise,(I'm at 195 this week, woohoO!) is to eat 2000 calories a day. I haven't eaten over 1500 calories a day in nearly a year and a half! And have been way lower than that for some time. That is a lot of stinking food. I know, I should be happy I get to eat more, but really it just stresses me out.

It has taken me so long to lose the weight I have lost with so much hard work that I am paranoid to gain it back and eating more seems so opposite of what I should be doing.(if that wasn't the longest run-on sentence ever)

i have food issues but I guess I need to trust the expert but damn I wish I didn't have such a huge struggle with this.

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