Saturday, January 22, 2011


* Trying to eat more as directed by the dietician. I am just not that hungry. Instead I just feel bloated and gross. Not appealing at all.

* About ready to get a shock collar for Murph. He has been an exceptionally naughty dog. CONSTANTLY in the garbage, nipped at Avalon and barking at everything. You hurt my kid, I hurt you, capiche?

* If the hubs microwaves any more motorcyle parts in my microwave, I may just have to get a shock collar for him.

* Trying to increase my exercise to at least 210 minutes a week and a goal of 250. Exercising that much isn't hard but finding the time is. Got to 205 minutes this week. 90 minutes Tuesday, 55 Minutes Wednesday, 60 minutes Thursday.

* Started watching season 1 of Glee on my iPod. So far I don't care for the plot too much but the music is so freaking good! And its easy to exercise when I'm watching TV.

* Got a gift card to get new running shoes for Christmas. I'm cheap and hate spending money on shoes I only wear at the gym but didn't feel to bad when I got a gift card to do so. Consequently I got some really comfy supportive shoes. My feet haven't hurt nearly as much.

* Knock on wood, but i have been sleeping like a champ. I'm tired, fall asleep fast, stay asleep and if I wake up, I can fall back asleep. Wish I knew what I was doing so I can keep this up. I'm coming off about 5 weeks of sleeping hell. Doesn't hurt that Jeff got Avalon back to sleeping by herself while I was in Vegas.

* Avalon has been knocking our socks off with what she can remember and sing. The other day a Sugarland song came on and Avalon says, "This is the 'stuck like glue' lady."(referencing one of Sugarland's other songs) The other day in Target she starts singing, "98.5 The Wolf." Holy Moly.

* Speaking of Target, we've reached the phase of wanting everything in the toy aisles and wanting it now. When she used to say she wanted something, I'd say, "Maybe next time," "How about for your birthday," etc. That is not working anymore and ashamed to say we've had a couple of tantrums in store. Although I'm slowly getting a handle on it. Avalon seems to respond to loss of priveleges better than time out so if she is giving fits, I tell her she's going to lose whatever it is she is liking at the moment. A couple weeks ago it was her sparkly red shoes, this last week its her poufy princess dress. Gets her to calm down and think it through. I guess we've waited till she was 3.5 to get to this stage and probably wishful thinking to think we could just skip it. No such luck

* But she is such a perfect almost all the rest of the time. And she completes our perfect little family.

* Speaking of perfect little family, I have had two strangers this week ask if we were going to give Avalon a sibling. Sorry, I don't know you. Therefore you don't get to know the status on our reproduction. And no, Avalon will be perfectly fine if she doesn't have a sibling. No she won't be spoiled or lacking socially. It's none of your damn business.

* Also, I must attract the crazies. For example, at the Billings Airport, Jean and I were sitting waiting and this lady sits down and just starts talking to me about criminals, the death penalty and menopause. Then when we were at the buffett in our hotel in Vegas, this older lady comes straight up to me and tells me not to get a chocolate dessert because the plates are hot and will melt your chocolate. Then tonight we were at Dillards getting Jeff new jeans. Jeff's changed sizes so I had him try a couple of different sizes and the sales lady comes up and asks if we need help and I tell her we're fine. Jeff goes back in to change back into his clothes and she says, "Those jeans fit him really well in ALL the right places. Looked good in the rear and in the leg and not too tight you know where." Whoa lady, quit checking out my hubby in front of me. Jeff might've been flattered had I told him and if she wasn't 65. What about my face says, "Crazy old lady, talk to ME!"

* When it comes right down to it, I got it pretty good.

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