Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Where does she get this stuff?

Once you become a parent, the most taboo of things become some of the easiest to talk about. Especially poop. Talking about poop is about as easy as talking about the weather. Those first months ofyour babies life, you gauge part of their health on their bowel movements. And since Avalon has always had issues in that department, we've been especially aware. So for all of you non parents who roll your eyes at those of us who talk about poop and the such, you'll "get it" when you have kids of your own someday.

However, Avalon has such a sense of humor when it comes to her bathroom activites. She also is especially proud of her bathroom achievements. That though is probably our fault. We've made such a big deal about her being able to go after we've had some set backs. For example right after she became potty trained, she suddenly got scared of going number 2 and decided for about 4 days to quit going. Instead, she would dance around avoiding it at all costs. We came very worried that doing that could become dangerous and finally bribed her and got her going, so to speak. Then a few weeks ago, she got the stomach flu and once again boycotted all toilet activities. Again, we bribed her with a trip to Build-a-Bear for some accessories to her bear. (Yes, we find bribing to be a very successful parenting technique). Even now, with her pediatricians instruction we give her Miralax to help things out.(God I crack myself up)

After having a rough time in the bathroom yesterday, I asked her today, "Everything okay today?" when I came to help her.

Not missing a beat she replied, "Yep it all came out smoothly." Seriously where does she get this stuff?

Then a few minutes later Jean, Avalon and I all were standing in Jean's kitchen and Avalon breaks out with, "Let's do the Conga line." First of all Jean and I don't dance let alone with each other but were more surprised that Avalon knew what a Conga line was. She then proceeded to do the conga. Where does she get this stuff?

Also among her funny things lately:

She asked me if I wanted chocolate milk or usually milk. "Usually milk" being white milk.

And when we got home tonight from Target, she smiled an said, "Home Sweet Home."

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  1. Gotta love that kid! This whole thing cracked me up.