Monday, January 31, 2011

January Update

* Restarted the house search in hopes of being in a new home this year. Probably going to end up building. Seems though that we are going to work hard to unload our house. The whole thing stresses me out. The sooner we get it figured out the better.

* We were really worried about doing our taxes this year as some stock sales pushed us up to another tax bracket. However that stock was taxed at nearly 39% and it looks like maybe we worried for nothing. I'm just glad we are not paying in. Sometimes as weird as it sounds, being a tax preparer would be such a great job. Weird, I know.

* Since taxes aren't going to kill us, we will definitely be going on vacation this year. However since we are trying to by a house, Hawaii is not in our future especially since plane tickets are 1000-1500 right now. Orgon coast, here we come!

* So freaking tired. Why can't I ever feel rested. I thought maybe eating this increased calorie intake might improve that but so far no such luck. If it is my thyroid, I at least have an appointment with the endocronologist the first part of March.

* I do feel really tired on the days that I work out for an hour+. But today was not one of those days.

* Avalon and I have cabin fever bad! All this snow and now the cold is wearing on us and I can't wait until spring to play outside and go to the park.

* Jeff is going to Vancouver, BC for a class related to work. If we'd planned it a little better, we mighta got us all a passport and we could've all gone up there together. But the class was on and then off and then on again. Jeff's parents are gonna be in New Orleans about the same time so Avalon and I are really on our own.

*So Avalon and I will just have to do some fun things we wouldn't normally do. So far she has talked me into Build-a-Bear and playing at the playcenter at the mall.

* Avalon has really begun throwing major hissy fits. Thankfully it doesn't happen in public but at home its all out screaming crying throwing herself down on the floor and otherwise pouting. I blame it on the age and the fact that we have been in the house forever!

*Made some lemon curd to use up the meyer lemons i got. It's the easiest recipe ever and its made in the microwave no less. So good.

*Trying not to fret about the food I eat but it just seems like so much most days. I don't know how I'm going to increase it another 400 calories. I've also upped the workouts. On Tuesday and Thursdays I try to get in 90 minutes so I don't have so much to squeeze in the rest of the week. I can't wait until this spring summer when I can put Avalon in the jogging stroller and just go outside. The treadmill gets old after a while. But watching Glee does make it go by faster. I still don't know if I'm sold on the plot. Hoping it picks up a little bit but the music is good. I wish there was wifi at the Y so I could use netflix. So far, filling out their suggestion cards hasn't done any good. Still no wifi.

*Looking forward to dinner this weekend at Enzo's for a work dinner. Enzo's is one of Billings higher end restaurants(as higher end as Billings gets) with Mediterranean fare. However, I found out that a couple of Jeff's coworkers are bringing their infants with them. I know that I should probably be more compassionate(having a kid and all) but get a damn babysitter. So much for peaceful quiet child free dinner.

* Not everything is glum. I've been very thankful that the last two snows have been broomable. It means that instead of over an hour I can get it done in in 20 or 30 minutes. Really deep snow can take upwards of two hours.


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